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Enterprise IT World CISO100 and Cyber Sentinel Awards is an annual Security event of Accent Info Media Pvt. Ltd. It is a meeting point of top 100 CISO and security leaders representing cross vertical industries along with the policy makers, authors, solutions providers, product suppliers and consultants to discuss and understand the future trend in cyber security in the global level and impact on India. Along with the thought leadership discussions, it is about recognizing the leading CISOs and IT Leaders with Cyber Sentinel Awards for their contribution and innovation to the organizations that they belong to and to the fraternity and ecosystem.
Enterprise IT World CIO100 and Cyber Sentinel Awards is not only an interface for the suppliers and the consumers of cyber security products but also a melting point of peer group discussions and exchange of ideas among the security leaders of various vertical industries including, BFSI, Healthcare, Pharma, Education, Defence, Manufacturing, power, IT&ITES, Logistics and Supply Chain, Automotive, etc.
This is the right place to be at Enterprise IT World CISO100 to create sales pipeline for 2023 by showcasing right solutions and being part of the thought leadership discussions and presentations.


10:00 AM Welcome by: Sanjay Mohapatra, Editor, Enterprise IT World
10:10 AM Keynote on Creating a Cyber Resilient Organization
10:30 AM Keynote on AI and Automation - led Cyber Security Strategy
10:55 AM Presentation on creating a strategy against Geopolitical Cyberwarfare
11:10 AM Panel Discussion on Changing attacker methods
11:55 AM Panel Discussion on Insider threat and Ransomware
12:55 PM Need of countering risks in a new era of IoT, 5G Network and Industrial Networks era
01:10 PM Lunch Break
02:15 PM Panel Discussion on Are organisation equipped to prevent the Gen V of attack vectors?
03:00 PM Why do you need SASE Strategy to counter new age attacks?
03:15 PM Software supply chain and emergence of New Threats
03:30 PM Designing Next Generation Managed Security Strategy
03:40 PM Best Security Practices vs Compliance Based strategy
03:50 PM Tea Break
04:20 PM Do you have Mobile security strategy in place
04:30 PM Keynote on Cyber Warfare Supported by the Government
04:50 PM How to build Cyber Security strategy to safeguard Assets on Cloud
05:05 PM Aligning Cyber Security Strategy in line with Board Room Expectations
05:30 PM CISO 100 Cyber Sentinel Awards 2023
06:30 PM Vote of thanks by: Sanjib Mohapatra, Publisher, Accent Info Media Publications
06:45 PM Networking and Cocktails Dinner

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